Windows 7 Reference


Finding your IP Address

Permanently delete a file/folder without it going to the trash

Left click the folder(s)/file(s) that you want to *permanently* delete and press (Via the keyboard) Shift+Delete

Scripting for windows

Batch files are used to do tasks for windows that function on the operating system level,
and can automate a task that otherwise would involve a number of (perhaps tedious and cumbersome) steps to complete manually.
For example you may want to copy files/folders, or delete things, or print out files that give detailed information about directories and files.
These files have the .bat extension, so for example you might have a batch file named: "someTask.bat", which the operating system
will recognize as a batch file. To execute a batch file, simply double click on it OR run it from another batch file.

The particulars of scripting batch files would take a long time to describe and will not be described here, but know that it has its
own symantecs and language.

Startup Folder Items

Any programs (shortcuts or .EXEs) in the Startup folder (in Start>All Programs>Startup) will run when you log into your account for the first time on booting up the computer.
To put a shortcut or other item in the Startup folder, simply left-click and drag the folder over "Start" until you see its menu expand, then drag/hold it over
"All Programs" until that expands, then "Startup" and release the left-mouse button. Likewise you can right-click on items already in the Startup folder and select "Delete"
from the dropdown context menu to remove them.