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Greg Kohne

E: gregkohne (at) gmail (dot) com
W: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gkohne


Qualcomm          2012-Present  (San Diego, CA)
Senior Software Engineer
 Adreno SDK Tools, OpenGL ES 2, 3, & DirectX Graphics Samples, and Adreno Profiler

  • Maintenance of different graphics samples targeting Android, Win RT, and WinPhone8 devices
  • Improvements & fixes to TextureConvert/Compress, OpenGL ES Emulator, Profiling tools, and others
  • Created and maintained automated Jenkins code builds and testing for Windows, Linux, and OSX builds
  • Ported major tools and samples from Windows to Ubuntu Linux and OSX

  • Bally Technologies          2009-2012  (Huntington Beach, CA)
    Software Engineer 2
     Cash Spin DM (iVIEW)
     Cash Spin LVDS (iVIEW)
     Quickhit Tournament DM (iVIEW)

  • Responsible for all in-studio game programming on iVIEW, working with C#, XNA, and Action Script 2.0/3.0
    on various hardware configurations, and with minimal documentation and development support.
  • Working with large code-bases containing over 58 projects and involved system architectures to get our games integrated and operable.
  • Overcome numerous blocks at all times, with different system configurations and hardware, creating development and other
    documentation that does not yet exist as I go.
  • Close collaboration with a small team to implement and refine different variations of numerous iVIEW-game designs.
  • Setup and develop with various hardware systems that work together as they would in a casino.
  • In regular communication with software engineers responsible for different system-components iVIEW has dependency on, to make
    best use of their systems and ensure any lingering blocks are swiftly overcome.

  • Meteor Games          2008  (West Hollywood, CA)
    Game Programmer
     Twin Skies (PC):  A Massively Multiplayer Online Game in a fantasy setting, with focus on character
     specific options/gameplay features using the BigWorld engine, that is yet to be released

  • Wrote Python based intelligent spawning system with topographical convex polygonal areas
    which took parameters on what to spawn, when, and in what amounts from XML files
  • Programmed Python based generalized state machine architecture for the majority of the AI,
    including weighted state-to-state transitions and nested states for a wide range of behaviors
  • Scripted Python based housing system, where players could enter their own customized
    interior of a particular home-model, and invite friends using a corresponding key system
  • Programmed C++/Python additions and modifications to BigWorld camera systems including a
    cylindrical character editing camera, off-center screen focus, sticking-collision w/ terrain,
    numerous accessibility functions, and corresponding player input/movement
  • Scripted Python based A* path-finding for use in housing system as well as outside
  • Created Python based AI brain prototype similar to a genetic algorithm which was developed
    with a set of ongoing prioritized actions which would be identified and then acted on
  • Wrote C++/MFC upgrades to a BigWorld model-editing tool which allowed usage of a common
    mesh file between separate model files, and usage of different shaders at different distances
  • Programmed C++ upgrade to models with animation in the BigWorld engine such that they
    could have multiple hard attachments to any of the model’s bones
  • Scripted Python based entities to fulfill gameplay roles such as creating fog within a proximity,
    entering/exiting a house, spawnpoints/areas for creatures, and a generic creature-entity
    hierarchy from which any creature in our game could be defined
  • Helped colleagues, created numerous parts of TDD with standards for teamwork and coding,
    and developed pre-engine prototypes for AI with Action Script 3.0/Flash

  • Gas Powered Games         2006-2007  (Redmond, WA)
    Content Engineer
     Supreme Commander Forged Alliance (PC):  A futuristic, science fiction, Real Time Strategy game
     involving massive numbers of robotic war machines, in otherworldly settings using an updated
     Supreme Commander Engine
     Space Siege (PC):  A third person shooting/melee game, in a science fiction setting using an updated
     Dungeon Siege engine

  • Wrote many Luaplus based particle effects for weapon flashes, projectiles, impacts, shields,
    and everything in between
  • Bug-fixed many old particle effects which carried over from the first Supreme Commander
  • Programmed C#/.NET 2.0 based particle effects editor tool, which included an in game view of
    particle effects, comprehensive particle property editing, file I/O and a visual event timeline
  • Scripted very early content for Space Siege AI using (in-house language) SKRIT
  • Wrote many SKRIT based particle effects for Space Siege
  • Helped come up with standards and implement an organized file system and approach to
    writing particle effects
  • Wrote sophisticated HLSL based energy-shield effects
  • Helped to train and integrate new team members
  • Worked with a number of particle-effect editing tools (For various engines/software)
  • Worked hand in hand with designers and artists to create the desired atmosphere in levels


  • Programming languages: C/C++, Python, C#, HLSL, Action Script 3.0
        Action Script 2 & 3, Luaplus, HTML, XML,Z80 assembly with Game Boy Color,
        PHP(2 years)
  • AI: 3D flocking, A* path finding, state machines
  • C/C++: STL experience, binary trees, sorting, memory manager
        , game and other application frameworks
  • Graphics: Direct3D, 3D model animation, inverse kinematics,
        graphics pipeline, BSP tree, occluder, ray tracing, particle/shader effects
  • Physics: Newtonian physics, Relativity physics
  • Math: linear algebra/3D math, calculus, Catmull-Rom and Bezier spline
        curves, geometry, voronoi diagrams
  • Networking: reliable UDP and TCP
  • Other: Visual Studio, .NET, Blender, Word, Excel,
        Perforce, SVN, 3D Studio Max, WinMerge


    Bachelor of Science, Real-Time Interactive Simulation (Computer Science)
    DigiPen Institute of Technology (2002-2006)

    Online Courses (2012-Present)
    Synapses, Neurons, and Brains (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


    Game Engine (3D engine, OpenGL ES--Previously DirectX9/iOS/C++)
    Engine Framework: Object hierarchy, memory management, control flow, and testing
    Graphics: Shader/graphics pipeline, animated/static model construct, cameras, UI, particle effects
    Utilities: A* path finding, random number generation, geometry intersection, fileIO, and more
    Design: Full game design with a comprehensive game design document

    Animated Model Pipeline (Asset pipeline, Python/C++) Programmer
    Python exporter script for animated/static models from Blender
    C++ animated/static model importer, animating construct, and manager

    VFX(Particle Effect) Editor Tool v 1.0 (Tool/Editor, C#/.NET)
    Particle-system and particle-engine constructs that run on timeline-based properties
    Post process fullscreen shader effects, such as: under water, prism, robot vision, and others
    Support for many highly-configurable particle properties, unique to a given particle system
    Serializable particle systems, in both binary and XML-text file formats

    UI Editor Tool v 1.0 (2D game ui editor, C#/.NET)
    Click/drag button areas, event button transformations, interactive timeline/help, save/load to file

    Voronoi Diagram Generator (Diagram Generator, Action Script 3.0) Programmer
    LMB click to create points, then press Enter-key repeatedly to build the diagram

    Website (PHP,CSS,HTML, and ActionScript/Flash) Programmer
    Complete implementation of the entire site and all its downloadable/interactive content